Forget About It

A Review of Forget About It
By Caprice Crane

This is not a book that I would ever pick up off a shelf to read, simply because it’s basically a young adult rom-com and those don’t interest me at all. Really, no rom-coms interest me at all, whether they’re books, movies, or shows. So now you’re probably wondering why the heck I read this book at all? Well, I really can’t stand to see books go, so when my sister cleaned off her shelf, I decided to take in this orphaned book and give it a home. I didn’t know what it was about, and my sister never actually read it, so I guess I never expected to actually read it. Fast-forward a couple of years, and now that I’m broke and desperate for reading material, the time has come for me to pull this down, dust it off, and give it a go.

In this book, Jordan Landeau is a young, smart, attractive, funny woman who hates her life. She hates her job, she hates her boss, she hates her boyfriend, and she hates her family. And she just can’t seem to do anything about fixing any of these problems. For lack of a better description, she’s a miserable doormat and can’t seem to find a way out. To her luck, one day as she’s on her way home from work, she gets hit by a car and sustains a minor head injury. Even though she’s got nothing worse than a minor concussion, Jordan sees this as an opportunity to reinvent herself and take a stab at the life she has always wanted–by pretending to have amnesia. While Jordan’s pretense works its magic and she ends up happier than ever, as usual things don’t quite go according to plan. After another freak accident happens and Jordan ends up with real amnesia, forcing her to navigate the world with no memory of her life or the people in it.

Honestly, as I read through this book, from the very beginning I found Jordan pretty darn despicable. She’s whiney, weak, lonely, and victimizes herself in every possible way. She loves to complain about her life and do nothing to change it, except take the chance to deceive every person important to her. As someone with the exact opposite personality, I found it really hard to relate to Jordan’s immaturity and lack of assertion, making it hard to enjoy this story. I hated her deception, and I hated the way she handled her problems. Now, this isn’t the only book I’ve read where I can’t stand the main character (The Magicians, anyone?!), so obviously we all know that’s not always a barrier to loving a book. BUT, honestly, that isn’t the only thing I didn’t like about Forget About It. This book reads like a (super) young adult story, with the occasionally graphic language or sex, making me question exactly what age group this was book was written for. Overall, it’s not the worst book in the world, but its definitely not my favorite.

My Recommendations: I’ll be the first to say that this book was not anything amazing, and it was my first and last foray into the world of rom-com. While this book was entertaining enough for me to get through the whole thing without dragging my feet, I would not recommend reading this unless you just want someone to hate. Really, just don’t do it. It will fill you with a hate and confusion you haven’t felt since you were in high school.


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